Yingina / Great Lake

Yingina/Great Lake is located on the Central Plateau of Tasmania, 1,034 meters above sea level.  It was one of Australia's largest natural freshwater lake systems prior to its initial damming in 1916. In 1922 the Miena multiple arch dam was built across the outlet to increase storage. In 1967 a sloping core rock fill dam was built down stream. Then in 1982, the rock fill dam was raised 6 metres and a levee was built across a saddle on the storage rim. When full, the lake has the capacity to cover 17,610 hectares and hold 3,178 million cubic metres of water. The true distance of the Great Lake swim is 26.84km from South to North.

First recorded swim: 

Name:             Ross Youngman, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Date: 05 March 2022
Direction: North to South
Time: 10hrs 22min 5sec
Distance: 25.4 km
Temperature: max 16.8c

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