Swim rules

                        +++ The Derwent River Big Swim Rules+++


  1. Our solo swim rules are written below.

  2. Standard Equipment

    • One swimsuit - refer to point 3 for swimsuit

    • One bathing cap made of latex or silicone

    • Goggles, earplugs, and nose clip

    • Sunscreen and grease

    • Safety lights for night visibility

    • Simple timekeeping device

    • Escort boat, pilot, and crew

    • Nutrition, and equipment to transport it between the boat and swimmer. The swimmer may not be supported or towed by the feed equipment

    • Support and/or Escort swimmer(s)

    • Observer’s documentation

  3. A list of approved swimsuits can be found below.

    • Is of a woven textile material

    • Does not cover the neck

    • For males, the suit must not extend below the groin (no jammers allowed) or above the waist. 

    • For females, it must not extend below the groin, onto the neck, or beyond the shoulder

    • Does not have a zip or other fastening system

    • Wear any item with neoprene or any other buoyant material.

  4. Swimmers cannot wear

    • Various types of inner or outer ear headphones
    • Wear a watch

  5. Artificial propulsion devices are not to be used, nor any flotation devices. Gloves and socks including, but not limited to, compression socks are not to be worn.

    • Amputees CAN wear a sock covering their stump, providing it is not neoprene or rubber

  6. The minimum age of all solo swimmers at the date of the swim is 16 years old
    • Solo swimmers must be at least 16 years old, and have parental or guardian consent to take part in the event
    • All swimmers under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian consent to participate in the event
    • All solo swimmers must have completed the qualifying standards

  7. All solo swimmers must have completed a 6hr open water swim in 16℃ or less within a 2 year time frame prior to the event date, or have completed a similar swim with similar temperatures in the last 2 years to enter. Solo swimmers must show evidence of a qualifying swim in their registration form.

  8. Start and finish of the swim will be under the New Norfolk Bridge. The finish of the swim will be through the Tasman Bridge. The swimmer may exit the water once they are on the other side of the Tasman Bridge and the air horn has sounded the completion of their swim. The only exception is if their chosen exit is blocked, and no other route is available. The swimmer will not be penalised if the pilot deems there is no safe exit point.

  9. Double Swim:  the swimmer will abide by the start and finish rules of the swim. Whilst the swimmer is at the half way mark of the swim the swimmer must swim around the chosen pillar if and only it safe to do so. The swimmer will not be penalised if the pilot deems there is no safe turning point.

  10. Double Reverse Swim: the same rules of the Double Swim

  11. Tandem solos are allowed and will share the same support boat

    • Swimmers must swim within 1 - 20 metres of each other

    • You must stay with the slowest swimmer

    • Swimmers can alternate positions

    • Swimmers must both stay on the same side of the boat.  For safety reasons

    • If the support boat needs to stop to assist one of the swimmers the other swimmer must not, in no circumstance, continue without the support boat

    • If a swimmer is injured or needs assistance, both swimmers must stop. The other swimmer must stay and tread water until the boat is able to proceed or withdraw from the event due to the support boat requiring action to render the solo swimmer medical assistance

    • For the swim to be counted towards the Australian Triple Crown, each swimmer must successfully complete their own swim

  12. Swimmers are not permitted to receive any form of assistance during the swim, including drafting, holding on to an escort boat or another swimmer

  13. Relay Swimmers can consist of a two / four / six person team, allowing you and your team to alternate and swim the Derwent River Big Swim together

    • For two person team, there will be 2 by 1-hour recurring swims till the course is completed

    • For four person team, there will be 4 by 1-hour recurring swims till the course is completed

    • For six person team, there will be 6 by 1-hour recurring swims till the course is completed

    • If the above recurring swims are not adhered to, disqualification will be incurred

    • During swimmer changeover, swimmers will tag at least 10 metres from the support boat in a visible manner (above water surface)

  14. Support Swimmers may accompany the solo swimmer for a limited duration.

    • Multiple support swims are allowed but should not occur consecutively

    • The Derwent River Big Swim allows a maximum of one hour per support swim and a minimum of one hour between support swims

    • The support swimmer may not intentionally touch the solo swimmer and must position themselves at all times slightly behind the solo swimmer

    • At no stage during the swim may the support swimmer be in front of the solo swimmer. This will result in the disqualification of the swimmer

  15. Escort Swimmers are swimmers supporting legally blind swimmers, they can be tethered to each other with a short elastic tether

  1. Your nominated observer must complete the observers report for the day.  This will include taking photos / videos throughout the swim as per the Observers documentation

  2. Each solo swimmer must complete a registration form and submit this to the Derwent Big River Swim organisation.  For tandem and relay teams, only 1 registration form needs to be completed

  3. Swimmers need to source their own tracker to track their swim.  You can check if your pilot supports a tracker for your swim as this will need to be submitted with the completed documentation of your swim

  4. No alcohol is to be consumed during the event by swimmer, pilot or support crew.  This may result in disqualification of the swimmer

  5. Each swimmer indemnifies and holds harmless the Derwent Big River Swim and its agents, officials, contractors and volunteers, the Derwent Big River Swim committee, the Department of Transport, Tasmanian Port Authority, Tasmanian Sea Rescue and their officers and swim officials against any claim for damages or injury arising from conduct of the swim

  6. Participation in these events is voluntary and the organisation’s officials or volunteers can accept no liability on the day

  7. It is the pilot’s discretion to abort the swim if the pilot deems it is unsafe for the swimmer to continue their swim.  This is a discussion you should have with your pilot

  8. Any disqualification regarding swimmers, support swimmers conduct or event rules must be lodged in writing to the Event Director by 4:00pm the following day. A decision will be made by the committee, based on any evidence given and the judgment of the officials.

  9. Appeal is possible:

    • If the swimmer believes the disqualification was not applied correctly against the rules and regulations of the Derwent River Big Swim

    • however, no appeal shall be allowed against a decision of fact

    • Appeal must be submitted:

      • To the Derwent River Big Swim

      • In writing

      • By the swimmer

      • Together with a deposit of $100.00, and

      • Within 5 days following the notice of the decision to disqualify

  10. Refund Policy

    • the swimmer can transfer to the following year

    • no refund within 2 days prior to the swim

    • if a refund is provided, this will be minus the registration and any incurred credit cards fees when registered

                        +++++++++++Important Notice +++++++++++++++

All parties, including everyone who is aboard the support vessel whether swimming or not, read and abide by the Derwent River Big Swim Rules whilst the swimmer is in the water. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a disqualification of the swimmer, consequently the swimmer will not be ratified.

Person aboard the vessel may wish to take photos and video footage of the swimmer whilst they are attempting their swim this is fine and is promoted, please endeavor to make sure if you are uploading digital footage that these images are appropriate and may not offend others.