Australian Triple Crown of Ultra Marathon Swimming


This can be achieved in race or by solo.

The Australian Triple Crown is not an annual event. It can be completed at any time in a swimmer’s career. This formula is similar to other multiple swim challenges in other parts of the world

This Australian Triple Crown series includes an ocean, a channel and a river swim giving a challenging variation for swimmers, coaches and pilots. 

With thousands of open water swimmers taking on a multitude of events in this country, either as solo or in races, the time is right to have a series that is meaningful for marathon swimmers to challenge.

An example of the many successful marathon swimmers in Australia is that 26 Australians completed the English Channel in 2019 - the Blue Ribbon of marathon swims. Those swimmers are only the tip of the iceberg in the numbers preparing to swim marathons.

The Honour Roll:

To claim Australian Triple Crown status the claimant must provide the results of each of the events in the series showing the course was completed or a link to the events’ results.  In the event of completing any of the swims as a solo swim, claimants must provide the swimmers log compiled by an independent observer.  The Honour Roll can be found here.

The three swim courses for Australia’s Triple Crown of marathon swimming are:

Channel:   25km, Euroz Hartleys Port to Pub, Western Australia 

Ocean:      24km, Palm Beach to Shelly Beach, New South Wales                        

River:         34km, Derwent River Big Swim, Tasmania

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